Providing the full spectrum of your college planning needs.



Career/Major Exploration and Research

Your student will inventory their values, skills and interests and then explore potential majors and careers. We will discuss how to incorporate this new information into their college search.

College Search

Families learn how to find colleges that are a good fit for both student and family. We also examine how to position the student to maximize both admissions and financial aid opportunities.

Student Marketing

Students learn to market themselves by building an impressive resume. We discuss the best activities and attributes to include ensuring they are set apart from the other applicants.

College Application

Students learn what colleges are looking for and how to put their best foot forward. We will teach them how to tackle applications effectively and how to get impressive letters of recommendation.

Comprehensive Essay Service and Workshop

Our workshop helps students choose the right topic to highlight their strongest qualities. Also, our professionals will review their essay and give editing suggestions to help make it the best it can be.

Admissions Interviews

Students learn interviewing “dos” and “don’ts” and how to make the best possible first impression through preparation and practice.


How Much Will Colleges Expect You To Pay?

We will calculate your federal and institutional Expected Family Contribution (EFC) so you can plan in advance.

Current College Plan Analysis*

We help you determine the best way to get your students through college in the most comfortable manner.

Maximizing Financial Aid

Learn how to position yourself BEFORE applying for aid in order to maximize your award packages.

Saving You Money*

Receive timely suggestions for managing college expenses and explore opportunities regarding your EFC and out of pocket expenses.

Borrowing Strategies

We will evaluate borrowing strategies and recommend the best loan types and repayment options for your unique situation.


Recommended for all clients regardless of income or assets in order to help qualify for special government grants, work study, and federal loan programs.

  • Monthly Financial Aid Teleconferences between September and April
  • Completion of the FAFSA**
  • Updating of the Student Aid Report (FAFSA)
  • Registration/Completion of the CSS Profile
  • Completion of Business/Farm Supplement
  • Completion of Verification Forms
  • Analysis of Awards - Our experts will evaluate your financial aid awards and discuss appeal options.
  • Guidance of Appeals
  • Unbiased Loan Recommendations


Comprehensive Client Care

We guide you step-by-step throughout the high school years using both the latest in technology as well as periodic personal consultations. Whenever you are at an important crossroad, have a question or life throws you a curve, we are here to help you negotiate your way through it successfully.

Access to “Clients Only” Website Resources

Tap into this powerful password protected portal and utilize the information and resources available in planning for college.

Systematized College Planning Calendar

Our proprietary College Planning Calendar highlights important events and deadlines. It also breaks down the college preparation process in a simple, step-by-step monthly checklist for both students and parents.

Implement Finalized Planning

Your personal College Planning Advisor along with your current team of professionals will assist you in the implementation of your customized college plan.

* The Smart Track™ Program does not include financial planning, investment, legal, or tax advice.
** The FAFSA is a free application that can be completed by visiting