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  • College costs continue to rise at a rate which far outpaces inflation.
  • Only 5 percent of people are prepared to fully pay their expected college costs.
  • Colleges are receiving a record number of applications which means they can be more selective with admissions offers.
  • Today’s college applicants are much more prepared and qualified than in the past resulting in a highly competitive process.
  • College classes are often impacted making it difficult for students to get the classes they need when they need them in order to graduate in 4 years.


Families should work with a professional College Planner to ensure that:

  • An effective college search is completed
  • Your student distinguishes themselves during the admissions application process
  • A plan is in place to cover out-of-pocket costs
  • Standardized test scores are maximized
  • Financial aid paperwork is completed on time and accurately
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With our extensive industry experience and our trademarked SmartTrack™ program Spectrum College Planning is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution to families of college bound high school students.

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For those of you who are die hard do-it-yourselfers we have an alternative college planning solution for you. Scott Greenameyer, President & CEO of Spectrum College Planning, Inc., is co-founder of a comprehensive online college planning resource known as the SmartTrack™ Toolkit. Although this is an online product, it does include a free review of your college plan by a professional advisor. Use the promo code below to receive a discount off the retail price and to ensure that your college plan is reviewed by a Spectrum College Planning consultant.

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